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The First Belgian delta 3D Printer

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Magnetic Rod Ends

zero backlash at any time

Why choose a TripodMaker? – scroll down to get convinced!

Build B-I-G

The TripodMaker professional delta 3D printer design is B-I-G. It covers a  building size of 30cm in diameter and 42cm high! This is more than 30 liter of free space for your own creations! One of the biggest delta printers in town!

Easy extruder acces

An aluminum extruder driver makes sure you stay in control. The extruder is “direct drive” and is made of quality parts that will not wear out. It features a 5:1 gear reduction for optimal force generation which is required when printing at high speeds with a Bowden Tube.

work stand-alone

Be sure of quality printing and keep using your computer in another room. Let the LCD controller take overand change speed, temperatures and multiple other settings without pausing the print.

lightning fast

Speed is key in professional 3D printing. Keeping the moving parts as light as possible is fundamental. This results in high speed printer head movements without compromising print quality.


TripodMaker - A truly different delta design

The TripodMaker moves its hot-end by moving three carts. These move up and down the vertical frame. These carts are connected to the hot-end with beams and push the hot-end around the static printer bed. Mainstream printers move the hot-end like a regular ink printer: from left to right on a rail. Additionally, this heavy rail is moved back and forth. The printer bed moves down, away from the hot-end.



TripodMaker stands for:


What you see is what you get

An aluminum open frame structure is used, combined with transparent acrylic parts. The aluminum parts create a rigid structure and give you visual access. The print process can be watched out of every angle. The transparent acrylic parts stress this functionality and give it a glossy finish. No acrylic parts were used for structural purposes due to the brittleness of this material. A minimalist design was kept in mind to give the product an elegant, industrial feel.



Great surface finish

With this exceptional technology and its quality build-up, the TripodMaker delivers better print results. The TripodMaker has a super light printer head that is driven different compared to a typical 3D printer. Imperfections due to high speed printing belong therefore to the past.  With this approach, we can guarantee high precision on high print speeds.



High position accuracy

Due to the delta movement technology, the position precision is extremely accurate. The accuracy on the edges is even better on the outer edges than in the center of the printer bed. For more info, read this blog topic.

See the TripodMaker delta 3D printer in Action

the coolest delta 3D printer in town

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